Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Aysha is taking advantage of the three sets of hands ready to hold
her. In between (and sometimes during, we have been trying to show
Eileen the highlights of Kuwait. This past weekend was the national
holiday. Gulf Road, a road that runs the length of the city alongside
the Arabian (Persian) Gulf, get plugged with cars covered in Kuwaiti
flags and posters of the Amir. Kids runs alongside traffic, and often
among it, to cover cars and each other with spray foam and spray
string. Often it gets out of hand. Karla's student said her famly
forgot to lock their car doors and returned to find the car full of

Aysha almost has her birtH certificate. I went down to the Ministry
of Health yesterday to get it only to learn that there were more hoops
to jump through. In my frustration (I can only get out to the
ministry once every 6 days), I went to the school office. Luckily,
Mohammed was sympathetic and put one of the school expiditers on it.
Yesterday, he had to take our marriage certificate to the Canadian
embassy, then to the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Maybe today
or tomorrow, he can get the birth certificate.

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