Thursday, March 24, 2005

Grandparents, do not depair; it's only twelve weeks from today that we will be back in Canada.

It's the end of another exciting week in Kuwait. Not really. It's been about normal: a bit of tutoring and a bit of school. Toss in one crying baby, a nanny, and the end of term and here we are.

We've been watching Sex in the City. We borrowed a DVD set from a freind and have been filling in the breast-feeding sessions with episodes. Last weekend, we met up at Jeff and Lily's place for a little gathering for Jeff's birthday. We borrowed the first two seasons of Trailer Park Boys. Karla's not keen the Boys.

At school, we are almost at the end of the thrid quarter. Karla and I both gave tests this week and will look forward to correcting them next weekend - our spring break. We've only got two days next week, plus one teacher's only day. Two day weeks are never fun. A few students and their families go on vacation and just skip the two days. The rest come to school and act they are on vacation. Fortunately for me, we've just finished the novel and can squeeze in the movie. I get to reward the ones who come, and not have to teach.

I've been on super-baby-sitting duty. Karla is trying to catch up on some school work and has nominated me as child care worker #1. In one of her few happy moments today, Aysha was looing very cute, lying on her stomach, looking overtop of a pillow. However she was silhouetted by the window and by the time we had her turned around, she was in a crying mood again.

By the end of next week, Aysha will have her passport. After that we'll have to get her checked into Kuwait as a resident so that she can leave with us in June. At least once we have her passport, the school business office will take care of the rest.