Thursday, March 17, 2005

Budda Bellies

To my relief, last Tuesday Aysha weighed in at 4.44 kilos (about 9.8 pounds), which the doctor delaired to be a healthy weight gain (we'd been told she was not gaining fast enough on the last visit). With the added weight, her little belly bulges. I've started calling her my little budda-girl!

I have to say that there is not a great deal new and exciting to report in my life. At the moment everything seems to revolve around Aysha. Last week, along with the weight check, Aysha had her first injections - one on each cheek. Jamie took her to the public health office when he had a couple of periods in a row without classes. The office is only open from 9:00am till noon. This country is in no way designed for working people! Despite the inconvenient time, Jamie said the trip was relatively painless (for him!). There was little waiting time, the nurses were helpful and friendly, and the injections were free. Aysha cried when the needles went in, and then was crabby for most of the day (with a slight fever). Jamie told her that she was a lucky girl to have injections, but I don't think that she was buying it!

The other news regarding our little bundle, is that we have finally made progress on the passport front. We had her passport photos taken last weekend, and took in all the paperwork on Monday. The embassy says that she will have a passport and a certificate of Canadian citizenship in about two weeks. After that happens, she will still need to get a Kuwaiti civil ID in order to be legal here.

This week we have had some problems with breastfeeding. Aysha figureded out that it is easier to suck from a bottle than from a breast, and she started to reject my breast when I came home from work. I did some research and found a few suggestions on the web to combat this problem, so we have now put some of these into effect. We've taken away her pacifier, so that she does not get sucking satisfaction from it and hopefully will be more willing to suck from my breasts. We also instructed our nanny to only feed her in the kitchen while we are away, so that she will associate bottles with the kitchen, and the livingroom and bedroom with be for breastfeeding. One day last week we had Sylvia (our nanny) feed Aysha with a spoon. This was very effective in getting her to take my breast when I came home, but I think it was miserable for Sylvia and Aysha (slow and messy). Sylvia has gone back to bottle feeding, and Aysha seems to be breastfeeding alright for the moment. I feel as though I could write a book on the trials of breastfeeding!

Aysha has begun to smile! She doesn't do it often, but when she does, it is adorable. I have to admit that I think she is a really cute baby. I know I am biased, but a lot of people have told us that she is one of the prettiest babies they have ever seen. Jamie and I tease her and tell her that it is a good thing that she is so cute, because her diposition often leaves something to be desired. When Mom came to visit, she told Aysha that she shouldn't frown so much or she might have wrinkles by the time she gets to kindergarden! Jamie and I have decided that "cuteness" is a trait babies have to aid in their survival - it motivates parents and others to love their bundles, despite midnight feedings, poopy diapers, spit-up, and a lot of crying. Jamie has promised to post some more recent photos of Aysha as soon as I finish this entry, so you will be able to enjoy some of her "cuteness" along with us.