Friday, February 24, 2006

More shots of Aysha

Aysha enjoys her food and she doesn't mind spending a bit of time on the treadmill either.

Here is another link to some of my photos of Disney Day, a student council activity. Each grade (6-8) had to create a presentation about Disney.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Everyone here is asleep, except for me. Karla and Eileen turned in about 8:30, and I stayed up to read a bit before bed. I've been working through a Christmas gift, It's the Crude, Dude by Linda McQuaig. It's a collection of history and theories that all point to her claim that the recent war in Iraq is all about the oil there and not about weapons or democracy. She makes the geological case that Iraq's oil is the last unclaimed patch of easy oil. Also that Cheney and Rumsfeld have had their eyes on it for years and have been planning on taking it since long before the 9/11 attacks. But even they get off relatively easily compared to the role of the big oil companies have had in meddling with the world. She's even a comfortable read. I'm so impressed, I'm even going to link toan article of hers - she writes for the Toronto Star.

My parents and sister and Dave are in Panama right now, only two days away from their long awaited arrival. The beer is already in the fridge and tomorrow I've got to set up the bed (priorities, eh). Eileen heads home tomorrow. The week has flown by. It's been a quiet week with lots of time spent playing with Aysha. Karla still doesn't feel ready to use the video camera yet, so there are no more movies in the works right now.

Speaking of movies, the other day I was waiting for Karla to finishe getting ready and I popped in our copy of the Triplettes of Belleville (which I was wathcing again as a possiblility for my film studies class at school). There is a series of scenes where the family dog barks at the trains as they pass by the house. Aysha could recognize that the tv was showing a dog, and would make her dog sign. (Actually, she was making the dog sign, which is her animal/excitement sign. Often the horses that pull carriages on the streets here get the dog sign and sometimes even birds do.) But she could recognize, by the picture and the barking sounds that it was a dog.

Aysha's walking is coming along. She is still careful, taking tiny steps as she moves along, but she is more confident now, needing to hold onto things less. Still not much in the way of words though. We met a mother and her son who was one day older than Aysha. He wasn't walking, but knew a few more words that our baby girl. The mom was a graduate of our school and spoke English well, but I suspect that at home, her son only hears Spanish. I'm sure once Aysha gets a little older, she'll get her Spanish and English figured out and be talking up a storm. She's never in a restaurant for more than a few minutes before she is scouting around the room looking for people to smile and wave at.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Video Vault

Here is your one stop library of our family videos to date. The newest videos are at the top.

Aysha and Cohen

Body Parts

Aysha works on her peg puzzle.

Fun with Aysha

Aysha Learning to Walk

Aysha's First Video

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

To Boldly Try Again...

So I haven't been able to get the first video to work (at least from here). So I am trying another method.

You should be able to go to another page and view the movie here. There are two copies of the same one.

Moive Page

Good luck (to me!)

Monday, February 13, 2006

To boldly go...

Alright, I am taking a chance by writing this before I actually know if the video is going to work, but if it doesn't, I will never publish this. I spent this evening putting together a few clips of Aysha being cute and set it to music. Man, computers make it easy. At any rate, if everything turns out, there will be a link to a fair size (8.5MB) windows media file that you should right click on and then choose save. You'll then (after a few minutes of impatient downloading) have your very own copy of my little video.

I am still waiting. Karla is puttering around staightening things for the arrival of her mom tomorrow. There's no escaping it, you need to look like you always keep your house clean for mom. My turn comes next week.

Well, it's the next morning. I didn't manage to get it posted last night. I did get it posted this morning from school. I don't know if it's a connection speed issue or a Firefox vs. Internet Explorer issue, but here it is. I emailed it to a bunch of people last night who are on my not-very-up-to-date hotmail contacts list.

If you can download it and it works for you (or even if it doesn't), a comment would be nice letting me know how it looked and how long it took to arrive.

Watch the Video

Good luck.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lost on Sunday Afternoon

I have just tried and failed to pull the bits of video off the camera and put them onto the computer. It looks like I will have to resort to bit of wisdom: If all else fails, read the instructions. Unfortunatel, Karla has them at school. She is refusing to even try out the camera until she makes it, cover-to-cover, through the 100+ page manual. So far I've got about 30 minutes of Aysha walking, playing and doing other miscellaneous cute baby things (stuck, it seems, on the camera).

At any rate, following my failure, I was to head over to the neighbouring building to meet with Karla, Aysha and other teachers at the pool. However, when I arrived there, no one was about. Up at the apartment there was no one either. When I got home, there was on one here. So I am lost and will wait for them to show up. I was hoping to find time to squeeze in a liitle update anyway.

Friday, we went out to a surprise birthday party for another teacher, organized by her daughter (grade 3) and another teacher. Aysha was in fine form - taking a few tenuous steps, making friends and smiling non-stop. We left the party with two offers to babysit. Saturday, we got up and took Monica up on her offer. 90 minutes after Karla dropped her off, I picked her up.

Aysha has a wonderful reputation. At all the parties we go to, she is an angel. She loves the attention and smiles her way around the room to exclamations of "What a perfect baby," and "She never cries." We smile and laugh and tell everyone that she isn't that content when she is at home and has to share our attention with schoolwork and dishes and the like.

So there I was at Monica's door. "I can see what you mean about Aysha being demanding," was the first thing she said. Apparently she had taken a little nap and then woke up to demand continual attention.

Aysha is getting closer to walking around. She will occaisonally walk from furniture to Karla or I, but still regularly drops down and crawls to where she wants to be. She is also getting much better at arriving. Up until this week, she would arrive by getting close and then falling into whoever her landing pad was. She is in much better control and can manage her balance all the way up to where she wants to go. She is still a fairly cuatious walker, slowly taking tiny step to prevent too much wobbling.

She is getting better at communicating too. She has a couple ways to let us know that she wants to be picked up - and we are trying to encourage her to use signs for up and down. She has been able to make them, but she isn't using them very much. Mostly she stands near the side of the bed and grunts in a certain way, or grabs two fingers and pulls them down to let us know that it's time to pick her up.

There are plans in the works to get a video post or two up here, but I need to figure out how to get the video off the camera first, so that will be in the future (the near future hopefully).

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Baby on the beach

Here are a few photos from the trip to Tayrona Park. There are a couple more that can be seen at by clicking on any photo and then browing the collection on their website. Enjoy.

Baby on the beach
Originally uploaded by Jamie Hide.

A Family Photo
Originally uploaded by Jamie Hide.

Baby Want a Parrot
Originally uploaded by Jamie Hide.

Another Brave Parrot Handler
Originally uploaded by Jamie Hide.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Aysha's Friends

Aysha's Friends
Originally uploaded by Karla Maria Germaine.
Aysha loves having company

Aysha Hugs

Aysha Hugs
Originally uploaded by Karla Maria Germaine.
Aysha loves Maria Claudia!