Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lost on Sunday Afternoon

I have just tried and failed to pull the bits of video off the camera and put them onto the computer. It looks like I will have to resort to bit of wisdom: If all else fails, read the instructions. Unfortunatel, Karla has them at school. She is refusing to even try out the camera until she makes it, cover-to-cover, through the 100+ page manual. So far I've got about 30 minutes of Aysha walking, playing and doing other miscellaneous cute baby things (stuck, it seems, on the camera).

At any rate, following my failure, I was to head over to the neighbouring building to meet with Karla, Aysha and other teachers at the pool. However, when I arrived there, no one was about. Up at the apartment there was no one either. When I got home, there was on one here. So I am lost and will wait for them to show up. I was hoping to find time to squeeze in a liitle update anyway.

Friday, we went out to a surprise birthday party for another teacher, organized by her daughter (grade 3) and another teacher. Aysha was in fine form - taking a few tenuous steps, making friends and smiling non-stop. We left the party with two offers to babysit. Saturday, we got up and took Monica up on her offer. 90 minutes after Karla dropped her off, I picked her up.

Aysha has a wonderful reputation. At all the parties we go to, she is an angel. She loves the attention and smiles her way around the room to exclamations of "What a perfect baby," and "She never cries." We smile and laugh and tell everyone that she isn't that content when she is at home and has to share our attention with schoolwork and dishes and the like.

So there I was at Monica's door. "I can see what you mean about Aysha being demanding," was the first thing she said. Apparently she had taken a little nap and then woke up to demand continual attention.

Aysha is getting closer to walking around. She will occaisonally walk from furniture to Karla or I, but still regularly drops down and crawls to where she wants to be. She is also getting much better at arriving. Up until this week, she would arrive by getting close and then falling into whoever her landing pad was. She is in much better control and can manage her balance all the way up to where she wants to go. She is still a fairly cuatious walker, slowly taking tiny step to prevent too much wobbling.

She is getting better at communicating too. She has a couple ways to let us know that she wants to be picked up - and we are trying to encourage her to use signs for up and down. She has been able to make them, but she isn't using them very much. Mostly she stands near the side of the bed and grunts in a certain way, or grabs two fingers and pulls them down to let us know that it's time to pick her up.

There are plans in the works to get a video post or two up here, but I need to figure out how to get the video off the camera first, so that will be in the future (the near future hopefully).

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