Friday, June 02, 2006

One More Week (not that we're counting)

In one week it will all be over and we'll be ready to come back to Canada. It, as always, is busy at the end of the year and blogging and photo posting gets put on the back burner.

It's Friday night and Karla is in the bedroom correcting tests, Aysha is sleeping and I am feeling confident enough in my ability to do all the things on my to do list to put up a post.

Aysha is letting us know what she wants (and doesn't want) more and more. Little crying fits and temper tantrum are becoming more freuqent, but she is still fairly easy to distract. She has discovered that piggy-backs from dad are an entertaining and efficient way to get around. If she can catch me crouched down, she pats me on the shoulder from behind and says "uh" (that means up). There are often tears when the piggy backs run out.

One morning this week we had been sitting together in the living room when I went in to get something (probably coffee) when she came into the kitchen. She pointed to her mouth, which is the I'm hungry sign. Then she pointed to the cupboard where we keep the cereal and made a little uh-uh-uhh sound. That is her version of her parents' Urh-ur-Urh-ur-Urhhhh sound, which is much more baby firendly than the more traditional Cock-a-doodle-doo variation.

So there Aysha is, pointing at the cupboard and crowing like a little rooster learning to welcome the day. What does she want? Eggs? Eggs don't come from roosters, they come from chickens. What she wants is corn flakes. Corn flakes come from roosters, or at least from boxes with roosters on them.

Karla is starting to feel a bit better, but is still coughing like a chain smoker. She says that she is starting to feel like she is overcoming the illness though. Aysha is fine.

I may get the bags out this weekend and begin to put a few things together.