Saturday, March 05, 2005

Grandma Germaine left last night at midnight. We are a little sleepy today, but I am waiting to talk to my whole family tonight. Jenny and Dave are headed to Fernie for the weekend to see an old Fernie resident, Marc Charon, play in town. This weekend, we discovered Skype. Well, maybe discovered is self-aggrandizing. We tried it. It's a internet telephone service that was created by the same people who created Kazaa, the file sharing system. I read a review of Skype on CNet and encouraged my family to download it and try it out. It works like instant messaging, except instead of typing, you talk into a microphone. The sound quality is very clear. There is a slight tinniness to the voices and a bit more of a lag, but not much more than our regular long distance. We were using a cable connection on one end and a modem connection on the other I'd like to think that two high speed connections would work a little faster, but am just optimistically speculating. And it's free. You can talk for as long as you want.

Aysha went to the doctor. She weighed in at 9 pounds. The doctor said that she has not been gaining weight fast enough. Since then, we have been feeding her more regularly. Karla has been pumping at the end of feedings too to make sure that all the breast milk produced goes to good use. Today while we were at school Aysha got an extra bottle of formula on top of what she regularly ate. She has been very content since we got home from school. She has even squeezed out a few little baby smiles.

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