Sunday, March 27, 2005

Plans and Podcasts

Here it is, the plan for the summer, version one.
16th – arrive in Calgary
17th – Begin paperwork at Colombian Consulate in Calgary, and catch up with Jeff, Ryan and Lianne until Sunday
19th – to Fernie
30th – depart Fernie
1st – Arrive Humboldt
2nd – Joel and Kristin’s BBQ
10th – to Saskatoon
14th – to Fernie
21st – to Calgary for the Calgary Folk Festival
25th – to Fernie
31st – to Colombia

It’s spring break and we have no plans. Well, we both have grading, but admitting that that is all we have planned for the holiday is worse than admitting to nothing. The weather is in an in-between,actually-kind-of-nice phase. I have been out walking with Aysha a few times. Sometimes with Karla and sometimes when Karla needs a bit of peace and quiet to get caught up.

I have been using the new iPod to try out some Podcasts - a system where radio programmes as mp3 files are automatically downloaded and put onto the iPod (or any other mp3 player). The CBC is testing it out with Quirks and Quarks. I listened to the last one last weekend and the new one should be out today. It felt like home to be... well, it felt like home never has - I was pushing Aysha in her stroller and walking along the seafront - but it felt comfortable to be listening to the CBC. I could listen anytime on the internet, but the shows are never on when I want to listen to them. They're always on in the middle of the night, or when I'm out grocery shopping.

Aysha likes her walks. Part of the path is new and very smooth. I thought it would all be cobble stone. I am tempted to take Aysha for a jog. Karla thinks the stroller might not be up to it though. It will be too hot to jog outside in a few weeks anyway.

Karla just turned in for the night. The quiet classical music is on and I was thinking that it must be getting late. Yup, it is late. 8:15. pm. Maybe I'll make myself a cup of tea and see if I can stay awake until 9:00.

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