Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I have been meaning to get back to this thing for a long time, but it just hasn't turned out. Today, a few things fell into place so tonight I can relax and get caught up.

Today Aysha has a passport and certificate of citizenship officially being processed. I finally got everything together and got it in. We never managed to get a Kuwaiti birth certificate, but the embassy is going ahead with everything without one.

Second, Aysha went in to the ministry to get her immunizations. I has to leave work to take her in to the government clinic, the only place in Kuwait that gives immunizations. After the ordeal of the birth certificate, I was braced for the worst. It took us a few minutes to find the office (Sylvia came with me). The woman in the office informed me that I had come to the wrong office. It is the one closest to our home, but our ID still has our old address on it. But she did agree to give Aysha the shots. It took a minute or two to figure out the mix of Arabic Aysha with Hide.

We also took Aysha back to the doctor to check on her weight gain. She is weighted in at 4.44 kg (just shy of 10 pounds). She has been eating more - some days all breast milk and other days she gets an extra bottle of formula, and seems happier. The past few days she has been less interested in drinking from the breast. She get angry and frustrated now that she is used to how easy the bottle is to drink from. For the past two days she has not had her soother during the day. We tried one day of Sylvia not giving her the bottle during the day. Instead she spoon fed the baby (which, despite the saying, was difficult and messy). That day, Aysha was much more interested in breast feeding. Today, we withheld the soother, but went back to the bottle. Aysha wasn't as eager to feed as yesterday, so we might go back to spoon feeding.

In other news, it's 13 weeks tomorrow that we bid Kuwait goodbye. It sounds like it's soon, but it doesn't feel that way.