Thursday, March 31, 2005


She did it. Aysha lasted through the night last night without needing to be fed. Karla didn't. She got up at 2:00 to pump. On her way back to bed, she swaddled Aysha and gave her the soother. We all slept soundly until 6 the next morning.

Aysha also now seems to really be playing in her jungle gym. Instead of just lying there and bumping the dangling toys by accident, she is looking at them and hitting them. She even smiles and gets excited when she does.

She is now 59 cm long, which puts her at about the 50th percentile for height at 3 months. We don't know how much she weights exactly, but she is likely close to the 25th percentil in weight. She may have gotten a bit of her father's height.

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Lianne said...

so aysha is entering the world of the normal. about time. tell me jamie, what percentile do you fit in? do they have a chart for adults? i'd be curious to see the differences for babies of all origins. when i showed a photo of aysha to some vietnamese friends they thought the little 2 week old was 3 months. she was huge for an asian baby. bet she doesn't hear that often. tell her not to be insulted, i had to buy size XL trousers in thailand.