Friday, February 25, 2005

Here you have the first photos of Aysha (who is participating in this post stapped to my chest in the BabyBjorn) from the new camera. These were a few of the highlights. The camera works great. I could crank the ISO setting up to 1600 and take these indoors during the day with no flash. The camera is easy to use and sync with the computer.

Mom is resting right now, and Grandma Germaine is down in the exercise room. Aysha and I are posting to the internet and re-organizing music files. I switched from MusicMatch to iTunes since I ordered an iPod yesterday. Ever since Lianne was here with hers, my curiosity about them has been stoked. I had been watching them on eBay for a week since Valentine's Day, but then Apple introduced a new line with better battery life, the ability to link directly to digital cameras and a lower price.

Yesterday we visited the Tareq Rajab museum, a private collection that a dedicated Kuwaiti keeps in his basement. He has amassed a huge collection of Islamic art, jewelery, clothing, instruments and weapons. It is the largest collection of art in the country. During the Iraqi invasion, he protected it by building a false wall while the National Museum was being emptied.

Here are the photos. Happy viewing! Honourable mention goes to the Hide family for providing Aysha her assortment of moose-themed clothing.

Moosegirl to the rescue!


Aysha and Grandma Germaine

Aysha with windows in her eyes.