Monday, February 14, 2005

Here is one more photo of Aysha that Karla wanted me to put up. Yesterday Aysha had a practice day for when Karla goes back to work. She was bottle fed all day and then breast fed in the evening again. She was very happy all day. The bottle must be easier for her to eat from. She was relatively happy in the evening too, but she ate more frequently and in shorter shifts.

It's hard to believe that Karla goes back to work tomorrow. Personally, I don't know why the school didn't give Karla the extra day and have her come back after the weekend. They have covered for her by moving the teacher out of Writer's Workshop, so they're not even having to pay for a substitute. And Writer's Workshop isn't going to get started again until after the weekend. The schools seems to think that rules have to be enforced to the letter when it comes to the staff.

Aysha has been reluctant to sleep in her crib. She would cry whenever she was put down in it, especially during the day. At night, Karla will sometimes put her in the bed with us, where she is much happier to sleep. We have been letting her cry a little more before we pick her up and using a CD with the sound of waves crashing on the beach. She has been better in her crib lately.

We are getting excited about Eileen's visit next week. I'd better get to work.

Ready to face the world

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