Thursday, February 17, 2005

Yesterday was Karla's first day back at work. We got up, Karla fed Aysha, I made lunches. Sylvia arrived and we got out the door on time. It was a miracle. Work sped by and we were home again. Both Aysha and Sylvia survived the day.

We are full time parents on the weekend. Aysha was good this morning. I took her out in the little baby-pack for a walk while Karla was tutoring in the apartment, and we are going out again soon for groceries.

Aysha is having a nap right now, which is unusual for the day. She likes to be up, or to rest in your arms. But, on the advice of our friends Mark and Nancy, who just adopted a baby, we swadddled her up tight and put her down. They said that the tight swaddle keeps baby from waving those little arms around and distracting itself from rest. It seems to be working. She has been quiet for more almost two hours.

Here are a few more photos for her fans all over the world:

That's a wrap, folks

Mobile over Canada baby


Aysha takes over

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