Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Karla had her first week back at work. It all eneded with the national day celebration on Wednesday. It is usually a day of hectic supervision of students as they tour the school. My little grade 6's were very well behaved and I had a great time this year (as opposed to two years ago, when it was no fun). Karla has been adapting to making time at school to pump between her classes so Aysha has enough milk at home to keep her fed during the day. We have a four day weekend, so hopefully Karla can get a bit of a reserve built up for next week.

Eileen (aka Grandma Germaine) arrived last night. And so we are headed for a big first day in Kuwait.

Eileen brought a new digital camera for us that we got so there is a chance that there might be some new photos soon. We ordered a digital body that matches our good camera. We can use the lenses we already have. It was a Christmas present that we were waiting to buy until we knew what was going to happen next year.

Here is one more photo of Aysha for you.

Who is that baby?

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