Tuesday, August 09, 2005

At home?

Okay. It's been a difficult time since we left Canada. Today was our first day of school and we are still waiting to get into our apartment. Actually, I am waiting to go do an inventory of it with the apartment manager, which will be the last step before we take possession. It was supposed to happen on Saturday morning, and then again on Monday afternoon, but it didn't. We have checked into the hotel three times since we arrived. It's only twenty minutes until the inventory time, and things still look good, but I don't want to get my hopes up.

Everyone else found a place and moved in either Friday or Saturday. We had our place chosen last Tuesday, but a company had it rented and had not turned in the keys to end their rental until today (hopefully). It's been very tiring moving back and forth from the hotel - we're in our third room in the hotel so far. It's been hard on Aysha. She hasn't had much variety in her diet, as all the baby food here has sugar and starch added. When we get into the apartment, we can start making food in the blender, but for now, she's been on oat cereal and papaya, since it can be mushed up with a fork.

Cartagena itself is beautiful. The school is literally on the ocean: a two lane road separates the school from the beach. The part of town we are in is touristy, but has a small town feel to it. The peninsula is so small you can walk almost anywhere. The grocery store will be in the same block as our place. The old town, which we have only driven through is much more hectic though. Once we get settled we will head down there to explore.

Our trip down here was, well, eventful, but that's another story. Air Canada wasn't that great, but Avianca, the Colombian airline, made us remember our Air Canada flight fondly.

I'll try to post more regularly once we get into our place.

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