Thursday, August 25, 2005

Do you recognize that? Well, it's supposed to be the theme to Jaws. And why am I typing the theme to this cinematic classic? In honour of Aysha's first tooth, which became visible yesterday afternoon. It's a bottom center one - on her left side to be specific. She has been a bit grumpy for the past couple days - which happened to coincide with our putting the wall up on her crib between us and the bed.

Otherwise, Aysha is getting restless. She is not happy sitting for long anymore. She rocks forward onto her hands like she is going to crawl away, but when she gets to the point where all four limbs need to cooperate, she gets stuck. On the bed, she rolls all over and can sort of make some forward progress, if something she wants is just out of reach. I'm not sure if she realizes that she is moving forward or if she just thinks she can reach farther that way because she won't continue creeping along to get an item that is a little farther away.

Work is going pretty well. It's the end of our first five day week. Unfortunately, one of our colleagues resigned this week. Danny usually teaches high school, but was trying a grade 3 self-contained class. He is going back to Toronto to try to get a job. Another teacher has benefited though. Copeland, who was having a rough time in grade one, is excited to be moving into grade 3, where the kids know some English (the first begin English in grade 1 - something she didn't know until she got here) and are a little more independent.

Karla wants to check her email and has finished her oatmeal, so it's time to go.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! to aysha for her new tooth say hi to her.