Friday, August 19, 2005

Home again

It's starting to look like home, again.

Last weekend, we took Saturday off to go on a staff trip out to an island off the coast. Our director is completely different from Kuwait. We met at the dock at 7:30. Pete (Mr. Nonnenkamp) had 20 beer for the dock and 40 for the boat ride out (There were more than 40 people going). Mothers, not to worry. He also insisted that everyone wear their lifejackets in the boat. We relaxed and sat by the water all day.

That evening, we even had enough energy to get out shopping and pick up a TV and washing machine, along with other bits and pieces for the apartment. Only the washer and computer desk wouldn't be delivered until after the weekend. With the rest of the weekend, we got partly unpacked at home and organized lessons for school. But then Wednesday rolled around, and the painters arrived to repaint the whole apartment, and everything got pushed into the middle of the rooms.

By Thursday, the internet had been installed and the painting almost finished. Friday after school, Karla had a student council meeting so Aysha and I went to the pool to meet with some of the other teachers. The painting was done, mostly. Claudina tried to explain to me what they were going to come back on Monday to do - inspection? touch-ups? cleaning? I couldn't figure it out. It might have just been an excuse from the painters to leave all the pictures off the walls and furniture in heaps in the rooms.

Now it's Saturday morning, the windows are still open to ventilate the place. It's 7:30 in the morning and a shade under 30 degrees and a smidge under 80% humidity. Today we will try to arrange the furniture in the heat while resisting the temptation to shut the windows and turn the AC back on.

I promise to get some photos up soon.

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