Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Check. Out.

I have been distributing report cards for 45 minutes now. I'm sure my first victim, um, er student will arrive any minute. The school allows three hours for students to drop by and pick up their report card. Not so students have time - most of them send their drivers anyway, but so the teachers are kept busy. Then we get an hour for lunch and have two and a half hours when parents can come by (but don't).

I am happy to say that we are almost ready to leave. Yesterday, we finished our shipping at the Lufthansa office, picked up the last of our money from the business office, and got the literary magazine ready to give out. Also, the last of our furniture was picked up. All we have in our apartment now is our mostly packed luggage, two shelves that we will deliver to friends this afternoon and an inflatable bed (plus a bit of garbage that is slowly making its way down to the bin). We had to stop at Burger King this morning for a croissan'wich breakfast.

We took Aysha for her 4 month vaccination (She got a month behind when we missed the three month vaccination), and she was very unsettled yesterday evening and last night. Her little leg where she got the injection was sore and she developed a mild fever (both of which are normal). She was up several times during the night needing to be comforted. During one of her few moments of contentment, she started to make razzing sounds, which she liked to do so much she was even trying to do it with her soother in her mouth.

Tonight we check out of our apartment and move in with Greg, our upstairs neighbor for one night. Then Wednesday evening, we board the plane and we'll be home on Thursday afternoon.

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