Saturday, May 21, 2005

Starbucks - Marina Mall

Aysha and Karla are taking a nap, and I have walked over to Marina Mall for a little time out of the apartment. This weekend, between selling the car and finishing up my exam, I'm feeling a little more on top of the game. Nearly everything in our apartment has been sold. There are a couple little pieces of furniture left and odds and ends, but we have sold enough to recover what we had to pay for it all. The car worked out well too. I found someone who really liked it. He agreed to let me keep using it until the English exams - so I will get most of my tutoring done without needing to use taxis or beg rides from families. The other great thing is that we sold the car for 700KD, which is only 20KD (about $85) less than what we paid for it two years ago.

Aysha was pooping up a storm yesterday, which is further evidence that she might be teething. Her occasionally grumpy behavior and reluctnce to eat plus the prolific bottom are all indicators that she is probably cooking up a couple of chompers. The doctor said there still might be a couple months before they poke through, but they could be there causing her some discomfort.

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