Sunday, May 08, 2005

Aysha's Hands

Aysha is using her hands more and more. She is reaching for her toys and batting them around for fun. She can grab them with her little fingers, especially if they are offered to her. She can do new things each day. Now she is grabbing her toys in a kind of crude bear hug and trying to stick them in her mouth. Fortunately, all the toys are about as big as her head, so she isn't getting much into her mouth.

We've been working on tummy-time too. Since back-sleeping is in fashion now, she spends almost no time on her stomach. She has always hated being placed on her stomach. But if we put her on her stomach and rattle her toys, she is motivated to look up for them. And then this morning, she managed to roll over onto her back by herself.

We haven't taken any pictures lately. Between being busy with school and enjoying playing with her, we have not had much energy for posing.


Anonymous said...

cute story but i've read it a million times. when's the update coming? and photos?
patience is a virtue - i don't posess.

Anonymous said...

Three people I know had babies in January-- the 7th, 18th, and 20th. It's fun to read about what Aysha has been up to and compare it to what I see in Emily who lives in Atlanta (who is also blowing lots of bubbles as another sign of teething...) and hear from my friend in PA whose son Jake is right in there with the girls. I don't remember these kinds of specifics when I was growing up with my cousins-- I remember watching growth things, but as an adult, this is an entirely new experience. Thanks for sharing, Jamie!