Friday, May 20, 2005


Aysha and I just went book shopping while mom took a nap. Karla and I got a gift certificate for Christmas and we have been trying to find something to spend it on ever since. We bought four more books. She already has a copy of I Love You for Always from Grandma and Grandpa Hide and one called Dear Santa from Katherine, but we figure she needed some more. Ones that could be read all year round and than mom and dad could get through without crying.

Aysha's expanded library now includes:
Catch by Trish Cooke - A little girl and her mom try to find something that the girl can catch. It's got these simple, colourful pictures that are super. I know Aysha will love to look at them.
Toby by Cyndy Szekeres - Toby's mom keeps him busy (and wears him out) by suggesting that he take his dinosaurs for some exercise. It works.
Give it a Try Camel-o-shy by Sabine P. Moser - Camel-o-shy does visits his friends only to find that they can do something special that he isn't very good at. It's set in around a Wadi near Dubai and features desert animals. After all, Aysha is a desert baby.
The Story of Pea Brain by Jackie Robb and Berny Stringer - Pea Brain was the odd duck in the pod. He sets out to travel the world and has wonderful adventures. On his travels he meets Sweet Pea and the two get married. It rhymes. It's international. It reminds me of our family history. (other stories in the series include the stories of dog, bat, spider, slug, plankton, amoeba and brain cell)

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