Friday, June 11, 2004

There is less than a week before we leave for the summer again. At school, most everything is done. At home, packing has barely started After packing we have to move all our stuff out to friends' apartments for the summer. It's enough to keep us busy for the rest of our time here. Karla planned a boat trip on the gulf as a surprise party for my birthday. Last year we went on a year end cruise on the same boat. But Karla got everyone (except me) organized this year to meet up on Wednesday night to celebrate. She told me about the party that morning (and about the clues that I had failed to pick up on). It was a good thing too, since at about 4, the boat called to tell us that we would have to leave at 9 instead of 8. So she had to call everyone to let them know. That would have been hard enough to do. But at 6 they called back and said they were ready to go anytime, so we decided to call everyone and meet at 8:30. In the end, a we couldn't geet in touch with a few people and we had to be there at 8 to meet them, and Rose, a co-planner, got caught in traffic and so we couldn't leave until 9!