Monday, August 30, 2004

We have been back in Kuwait for a few days now. It's been busy unpacking tons of boxes. Karla has been working hard and sleeping lots. We will being the pictures of the growing mama tomorrow. But then there is a debate over how often to update the picture. Should it be weekly, or monthly? Or a compromise at every two weeks?

Our new place is looking more and more like home. It's hard to believe how much junk we have. Somehow, after packing it, carrying it down and up, storing it, and carrying it down and up again motivates me to get rid of anything even mostly unnecessary. Not Karla though. She's still got two boxes of ceramic tile that she bought 2 years ago to use to make a mosaic that she has never even started to plan.

We've got a new phone number. It's (965) 571-3265. Check back tomorrow for a photo of the expanding Karla.