Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Last night was a lunar eclipse in this part of the world. Between 9 and 10 the shadow of the earth moved almost halfway across the full moon. We didn't have the energy to stay up and watch the whole process. But one of Karla's students was considerate enough to video tape it. That way they could watch the whole eclipse in a fraction of the time but using the fast forward. I didn't see it so I can't really capture the magnificence of watching the lunar eclipse on video. But frankly, it doesn't sound as good as my fireplace idea in Montreal. I wanted to put our tv in the fireplace and get a video tape of a fire burning to put on when guests came over.

We went out to the mall tonight to do a bit of shopping to get ready for the summer's festivities. We went to Debenham's, a UK department store. I have seen women in all black, even the ones who one see the world through a narrow slit for their eyes, shopping for clothes. Tonight, while waiting for Karla in the change room, I observed the women in black shopping for makeup.