Sunday, September 11, 2005

Weekend Update

It’s Sunday night again and time for another little update.  They never did fix our AC, so we are destined to be hot and sweaty for a week or two until they produce a new one.  It has to be ordered, then custom made, then delivered here from Cali, and finally installed.  So many steps: so many possibilities for delay.

Aysha has got her own room and is slowly getting used to it.  We started letting her cry at night now so she will hopefully learn to sleep through the night by herself before she is 12.  She’s on a steady diet of pureed solid food.  We are making it all.  Today she got carrots, potato, green beans, mango, and some Rice Krispies with formula for breakfast.  She is gaining balance.  When she is in the middle of the bed and supporting herself on my hip, she has started to experiment with standing on her own.  She either plunks down on her but or falls forward into me, but she is on her own in space for a half second or so.  She knows that she it’s too risky to do on her own – when she is holding herself up with some inanimate object, which is good for safety (at least for now).

I just did a cute little quiz (I was looking for something to help kids write quizzes and found this).  You just answer a bunch of questions and it tells you which Simpsons character you are:

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