Sunday, September 18, 2005

Almost an Update

I promise you’ll get some photos tomorrow. The family went down to the pool this afternoon for a little swim. Aysha has an inflatable toy (with built in sun shade) that we took for a test drive. She loved it. When we got to the pool there were a few families swimming. Once Aysha got in she was like a magnet; everyone stopped what they were doing and were drawn over to take a look at her. I took a few photos and will put a couple up tomorrow.

Karla is about to put Aysha to bed for the night. She has gotten used to her room and is sleeping well. Some nights she doesn’t even wake us up once. In the mornings, she has been waiting for us to come and pick her up. She can get from lying on her tummy to a sitting position. She anchors her head and scoots her feet forward until she is a little triangle with her bum in the air. Then, she drops her bum sideways and rolls her upper body over it. She also loves to stand. One night this week, she stood in her crib for almost 45 minutes before it was bed time. She holds onto the crib rail and meanders one way and the other. On Saturday morning, she was standing up when I went in to get her. She still isn’t crawling yet.

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