Saturday, January 08, 2005

Good morning! Baby has a name. She is Aysha Morgan Hide. Yesterday, I arrived back at the hospital at 8:30. Karla was asleep and Aysha was down in the nursery. We spent the day relaxing together as a new family. Karla and I deciding on the name, doing a bit of reading (we had been focusing on the labour parts of books lately, not the newborn parts), and cuddling the baby. Asyha slept soundly, really only waking when diapers were changed and Karla tried to feed her. By the evening, they both were having more success working together, and I could come home a little more relaxed. Today, I think we will repeat the same. I think Karla will stay in the hospital (at least) one more day and night. She is feeling and looking much better. She is about to get up and move around by herself, but she is still a little too sore to sit properly. Karla had two students stop by at the hospital last night to say hello and see the baby. If it keeps up today, we'll have enough chocolate to open our own little shop. Everyone says that we'll need chocolate since so many people are dropping by. However, everyone brings a box and eats a little square leaving us with considerably more than when they arrived. I resized the pictures below (1600x1200 down to 800x600). I know that some people were getting an error message since so many people were looking at them. This should avoid that situation.