Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fuel for the Fire

It's been a week, and I have been checking to see who's been around. I set up a counter on the website that not only tells me how many and when people visit the blog, it also reports your web provider and location. I can see when you log in from Telus in Calgary, or Atco in Edmonton, or from Atlanta, or Spain or Kuwait. Someone keeps checking the blog from the Medicine Hat Police web provider, and I can't figure out who it might be.

Last weekend, we watched Crash, the winner of the best picture this year. It was very different from the rest of the nominees. It was much more exciting to watch - its character made you like, hate, or feel sorry for them immediately. No ambiguity here. And then each character works themselves into a situation that seems to test the trait that made them evoke such strong feelings in me. By the end, I felt like I had been manipulated - like a ghost story or joke sets up an expectation and then surprises you with its punchline. It wouldn't have been my choice for best picture.

We haven't taken many photos lately. I think it is part of the after visitor shadow. I took the camera out on Sunday for an afternoon walk, but only took two shots. Hopefully by the weekend, when we get to Bogota, I'll be back in the mood to take some pictures.

Until we meet again.

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