Monday, November 08, 2004

This weekend we had a baby shower put on for us by Jennifer and Jamie, two teachers that we have worked with since we arrived in Kuwait. There was lots of yummy food to eat and we played several baby theme games. I was terrible at the baby product "The Price is Right". I didn't guess a single price correctly, but Karla got three (which tied her for the most correct guesses). People were very generous. A bunch of teachers got together and got us a very nice pine crib and mattress (that turns into a bed later on). We also now have a stroller, some bedding, cute clothes and other odds an ends (including a rubber ducky). When the Christmas break comes we'll head out to finish off the list of baby supplies (since we won't be travelling anywhere).

We also saw "The Station Agent". It won a bunch of awards at the Sundance Festival. It's unusual, but captivatingly so. It slow paced, and says as much with silences as with words (except for the character Joey). I don't think it has a single special effect. It's worth the couple hours it takes to watch.

We visited another hospital - The Dar Al Shifa hospital. It's newly built (a year old) and very near to the school. As we looked around the 3 rooms (Special, Royal and Imperial), I was kicking myself for not bringing the camera. The Imperial room, was actually three rooms. It looked like it came out of a French chateau prior to the revolution - all the walls were paneled in dark wood; heavy gold curtains hung from ceiling to floor; ornate, scrolled couches lined the walls - except for the plasma screen TV hanging at the foot of the bed. There was also a desk and a bar and a second TV in one of the other rooms (in case any of the guests got bored, I suppose). Altogether, I counted couch and easy chair seating for 20.

But, sadly, the room is not for us. Our doctor advised us that the hospital makes up for its second rate medical services with luxurious rooms. We had another doctor's appointment last night (stay tuned for the next ultrasound picture). We talked about the birth plan - and everything went well. Dr. Laila was open to following as natural a birthing process as is possible.