Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Due to the delicacies of car rental, we have adjusted our schedule a wee bit. We are now planning to go to Humboldt and environs the first week of July (before the Winnipeg Folk Festival, instead of on the way home).

In other news, the school has settled out housing for next year. They have offered to let us move into one of the old buildings. We can buy the furniture that is in the apartment right now. For us, as a couple, we will be able to cover the rent and the cost of the furniture with our housing allowance, with even a bit left over. Next year, singles will need to put up a bit of their own money every month for what they get for free this year. The alternative for them is to find their own place and furnish it themselves. At the end of the school year, we will box up all our stuff and store it at a friend's place for the summer. When we get back in September, we'll move
into a freshly painted apartment.