Monday, September 15, 2003

We're back. All my good intentions to get back here and get the website update with all our summer adventures haven't turned out. In fact, it was only when Lianne emailed to request a website update that I got my act together.

Since we returned we have both been busy getting ready for school. We returned to a rumour that the school would be moving us out of our homes into smaller, cheaper places. This after having almost forced us to move last year only to have backed off and promised that we could stay where we were through this year. Sure enough the first week back at school, a memo appeared in our mailboxes telling us we must move. Fortunately, the next day, another memo turned up saying that the staff could stay where they are after all. And since, we have gone a whole week without another memo!

I also had to have our car registered and insured for this year. Although it took two afternoons to get the insurance, then to go through the safety check and registration, it was cheap and mostly waiting around for my papers to be processed, copied, stamped etc. The safety check consisted of reving the engine and showing that the brake lights worked.

Karla is off tutoring tonight, having been hired as a deputy-mom to a Kuwaiti family. The chief-mom is expecting and wants Karla to supervise the academic performance of her three other kids (age 8, 9 and 11)
Otherwise we are back to life as usual in Kuwait. The maid is back and preparing food this year. Every Sunday she whips up a couple Indian dishes that we eat all week. Last Sunday she surprised us with salad and creme caramel to boot.