Sunday, March 23, 2003

We safely escaped Kuwait. We left on the last of the Thai Air flights out. The airport on Wednesday night was a zoo. Mostly, it was made difficult by Kuwaitis who had stand-by tickets who pushed their way to the front of the "line" (ie. mob) and expected to get seats. But we survived the pushing and shoving in the line and the long wait to get on the plane. We landed in Thailand, very happy to be here , but with no plan. After a couple days in Bangkok, we are now in Chaing Mai. Here in the north we will do a bit of hiking before heading down to the south and the beaches. We are hoping for a third week of vacation to visit some of the ancient cities, but if we don't get it, we already plan to come back. Don't worry about us. We are safe and happy here. Thailand is a wonderful place. It will definitely go on the list of places to meet up.